Executive Board

Elaine Wood, BCDP Chair

Elected to the Beaufort County NC Democratic Party this year has been a big honor for me.  I spent a lifetime as a registered nurse after graduating D'Youville College, Buffalo, NY in 1967.  It afforded me the experience of caring for thousands of people in a variety of settings and positions.  Fairness and Equality and Health Care/Safety are paramount to my philosophy for conducting my life. Blessed with a productive family of 4 children and 3 stepchildren as well their families adding up to now 12 grandchildren.  My husband Warren gives me great balance and support in my endeavors.  

We are living in trying times which require a proactive effort constantly to try to retain the progress our society has attained up until the end of 2016.  Unless we fight for all the freedoms we have and educate ourselves on ways to maintain them and not fall prey to false propaganda, then vigilance is essential to maintaining progress.  So our goals need to focus on encouraging and promoting candidates that reflect what all citizens require for survival of our democracy.  Every election requires our efforts on electing that representation.  Beaufort County is a unique area of our state and nation.  We are rich with natural resources that we need to protect.  Children and young adults that need quality educations.  An economy that can continue to blossom and attract businesses that bring in jobs and improved infrastructure.  

So we must continue to resist efforts to downgrade these and other qualities of our area and our great country.  So lets work together to promote the type of candidates that we can trust to do the work of our citizens.  Getting the vote out is the best way to ensure our success.  We welcome any suggestions and advice on moving forward in an Inclusive manner of our citizens and immigrants that are essential to this progress. 

Thank you

Elaine M. Wood


Peter Farrell              !st Vice Chair   252-258-0172

John Ponds                2nd Vice Chair


Chelsea Harris             3rd Vice Chair 


Surry Everett                 Treasurer

Laurel Miller Paramore  Secretary


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