Executive Board

Elaine Wood, BCDP Chair


Welcome to the Beaufort County NC Democratic Party site. 2018 is a Huge political year for our county, state and US governments. Our Democracy has been threatened severely over the past year. Election turn outs were not optimal in 2016 and our system was attacked by misinformation on several levels. We have been losing ground on multiple levels in areas of education, environment, equality, immigration, fair elections.  Candidates are coming out in record numbers, resistance movements, women’s marches, action groups and more are fighting back to regroup and save our democracy. 

Here in Beaufort County NC we must do our part in Getting Out the Votes and take back every Democratic Seat. WE have the ability to help guarantee Breaking the Majority here in NC. We need your talents and efforts as this cannot be achieved by only a few people. 

Please check out our areas of information as it is updated with Elections and Candidate Information via the additional sections in our website and facebook site. 

Thank you

Elaine M. Wood




Dr. Peter Farrell             1st Vice Chair    paf1147@gmail.com

John Ponds                    2nd Vice Chair



Chelsea Harris               3rd Vice Chair 



Surry Everett                  Treasurer    surryeverett@bath-nc.com

Laurel Miller Paramore   Secretary